Declaration of Intent


“A truth that's told with bad intent
Beats all the lies you can invent.”--William Blake

What makes a good book?

Is a good book dependent upon the style of writing? For a book to be considered "good", does it have to make you feel considerably? And if so, does it just inspire good, noble emotions, or does it also inspire feelings that we tend to ignore or hide away? Does a good story demand a horde of good characters, or can it survive if only one character possesses any small semblance of a likeable trait? For that matter, what makes a great book? The sort of book that inspires the choices you make in life and aids its audience in deciding what type of person they would like to become?When talking books, the single truth is that there is no universal standard or rubric that equals a good book. Like the rich variety that can be found in the global collection of literature we homo sapiens have amassed over the years and like the plethora of genres and subgenres currently defined or coined, the opinions of readers will always vary. A book I might love, another might find to be a terrible waste of space. Contrariwise, I might not be able to see the value in a book that another might cherish, and will therefore label it as a "bad" piece of literature. When it comes to reading, no opinion is universal and no opinion is law. The beauty of literature is that it inspires people. Whether it inspires them to love, or to feel nothing but contempt for whatever the heck they just read, words have the power to move people.
          Me? I’m an opinionated book nerd, and I always have been. I love to discuss things I’ve read with others, even if their opinions of a work I might like or hate differ from my own. I love to connect with people who have turned the pages of the same story as I have, and have gone on the same journey. I like the giddy feeling that arises when you wait patiently for the release of a new installment in a favorite series, or the feeling that comes when a book is finished and—when you at last return it to its proper place—you feel like you’re saying farewell to a friend. My purpose? I intend to write honest, fair, and informed reviews on each of my shelved friends—be they the good friends, the curious friends, or the less than perfect friends. My opinions are my own, and yours are yours. I respect the fact that I might not like the same book as another, and that another may not find the connection with a book I adore. That’s perfectly fine, because diverse opinions are part of what makes us fellowship of book nerds so spifftastic. If I can help reaffirm someone’s love for one of their favorite books through their dislike of my review on said book, further justify someone’s love a book through my positive review of said book, and if I can help someone decide who their next friend will be, then I’ll have done what I set out to do.
My name is Luna Raven. My goal? To find the good in every title I read and to—most importantly—enjoy myself while doing it.