Friday, January 4, 2013

Hobbit door necklace by HModine

In a slight detour from reviewing adaptations of the The Hobbit, I’m going to take a moment and review a piece of hobbit inspired jewelry I purchased from Etsy less than a fortnight ago (while any true Tolkien fan will recognize that the door knob in this piece is in the wrong place, it’s still recognizable as being inspired by The Hobbit). This piece, designed to look like a door to a hobbit’s house, arrived in my post box yesterday afternoon and was a pleasant surprise after a long day of work. I was not expecting it to arrive for at least another week, though I’ve often found it to be true that mail is seldom really late, and seldom early—it arrives precisely when it has the means to.



This necklace, sold by HModine, is not as outrageous a piece as I usually buy
; generally speaking I prefer statement pieces or something whimsically colored. However, it is nice to own a few simple pieces for times when your wardrobe is already outrageous enough. Approximately the size of a penny, this darling little pendant is the perfect way to add a touch of nerdiness to an alarmingly un-nerdy wardrobe ensemble. In addition to the necklace, I received a free little pony charm to add at my own discretion! This addition was a complete surprise, and it made me even more satisfied with my purchase. (GET IT? IT'S MYRTLE THE PONY!)


I won’t lie—I am a bird who flies on a very tight budget. Like most college students, I often cannot afford to buy all of the fantastically nerdy things that I would like to. Fortunately, gift cards allow you to buy many things—both practical and impractical. Even had I not had a gift card, I believe that I still would have bought this item eventually, as the price is very reasonable. For $5.50 USD, plus $3-4 for shipping, this piece manages to stay comfortably in the $10 range, which as any poor nerd knows is the ideal range to stay in when making purchases.


As stated earlier, the shipping for this item was both reasonably priced and very timely. Even though I ordered it a few days after Christmas was over, I knew that there was still a good chance that it would be caught up in the post-Christmas rush. Much to my surprise however, it only took me a week to receive my item! I should note that I do live in the U.S., as does the seller, which means that my order arrived more swiftly than an international one. Not only did my order arrive with haste, the seller was also very communicative. They informed me the moment that they had finished shipping my piece and they uploaded a tracking number. I have ordered another item from Etsy from a different seller who has not been nearly as active and professional, so I can say with confidence that HModine is a very safe vendor to do business with.

Final Thoughts

This necklace is cute, wonderfully nerdy, and a lovely addition to any Tolkien fan’s wardrobe.

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